Le Club FAQs


How do I join the Le club Lacoste Loyalty Program?

You can join Le Club Lacoste by creating an online account on the website and opting in to receive marketing communications from Lacoste, or by providing your email address at any Lacoste Boutique. You can find your closest store here.


I signed up as a member in a Lacoste Boutique. Do I need to sign up online again?

Yes, you need to create an account online in order to access and view your ‘player details’ loyalty information, including your current Level, what you’ve spent in the last 12 months, and how long you still have access to your level benefits. Create an account here using the same email address you used in store.


Why is my new online account Pending?

Please allow up to 30 minutes for your new loyalty account to be created. If your information is not still not appearing, please try again by logging out and back into your account via the log in page.

I’m an existing customer/I receive Lacoste emails, does this mean I’m part of the program already?

Yes, if you have previously shopped with Lacoste or are signed up to receive Lacoste emails, you will automatically be a part of the Le Club Lacoste Loyalty Program. To view your current Tier Level, simply create an online account and log in to your dashboard.

How is my level calculated?


Your Level is calculated from your total loyalty spend in the last 12 months at participating Lacoste stores and correlates to a Level based on the minimum spend threshold for that level.

Your level is valid for a fixed period of 12 months from the date you enter and recalculated on the anniversary of your entry date. To retain your level, you must spend the minimum amount indicated for each tier, each rolling year.

If you don’t spend the minimum amount required to stay at a Level, at the end of the 12 months, you will automatically return to Level 1 or the Level that corresponds to your total spend in the last 12 months.

The Le club Lacoste Loyalty program has 4 Tiers: Player, Confirmed, Expert, and Legend.

Level 1 (Player) $0 - $499 spend over a period of 12 consecutive months
Level 2 (Confirmed) $500 - $1,499 spend over a period of 12 consecutive months
Level 3 (Expert) $1,500 - $2,499 spend over a period of 12 consecutive months
Level 4 (Legend) $2,500+ spend over a period of 12 consecutive months

Please note: Purchases in participating stores can only be added to your loyalty spend if you identify your membership to a Lacoste team member by providing your email address before you make a transaction.

On Program Launch:

The Le Club Lacoste launch date is 18/4/2023. For all existing Lacoste customers and subscribers, your 12-month loyalty spend is calculated based on your tracked transactions between 18/4/2022 and 18/4/2023. Your tier level entry date will be 18/4/23 and will last for 12 months unless your spend increases pushing you into the next level where you will receive a new entry date for that level which will last for another 12 months.

How long does it take for my spend and level to update after a purchase?

Purchases made in a Lacoste Boutique and the Website will be added to your Loyalty Spend within twenty-four hours of the purchase.

I have more than one account, can I merge them?

We cannot merge existing accounts or have more than one email address per account. If you have more than one account you’ll need to nominate the primary email address you want to be associated with your loyalty account and ensure you are logged in or provide this email address to store staff when purchasing.

Do my Outlet purchases count towards my loyalty spend?

No, only purchases made in Lacoste concept stores and online on the Lacoste Australia and New Zealand websites are valid towards your Loyalty spend. Please see full terms and conditions for all participating stores Le Club Terms & Conditions.

How do I redeem my Welcome/Birthday reward?

These rewards may be redeemed both in store and online.


To redeem your Welcome or Birthday reward on our website, first ensure that you are logged in to your online account (or create an online account if you do not have one) with the same email address that the reward was sent to. Enter your promo code at the checkout.
Please note: Your rewards are unique to you and your Level and cannot be shared. Refer to your rewards conditions of use stated in the email.

In Store:

To redeem your Welcome or Birthday reward in one of our concept stores, present your reward email to one of our store staff at the checkout counter before you make your purchase.

Why is my Welcome/Birthday code not working online?

If your loyalty promotion code is not working when you enter it at the checkout, it may be for one of the following reasons.

  1. You are not logged in. You must be logged in to your online account with the same email address to the promo code was sent to. Log in here.

  2. The promo code is being applied to an item that doesn't qualify for a discount. The Welcome and Birthday promo codes can only be applied to full priced items. See full terms and conditions at the bottom of your rewards email.

  3. The promo code has expired and can no longer be used. Check the bottom of your rewards email for your promo code expiry date.

Why have I not received offers or rewards lately?

Check your junk mail, as your exclusive offer emails may be lost in your inbox. Also, ensure you are subscribed to receive emails from Lacoste. You can check this by logging in or creating an online account on our website and updating your preferences.

How do I view what level I am in?

To see what level you are currently in, simply log in to your online account and you can find your level, loyalty spends and tier expiry date displayed on your dashboard. You can also visit one of our Lacoste Boutiques, and a team member will be able to let you know as well.

What if I made a purchase and forgot to log in to my online account/tell a store that I'm a member?

If you make a purchase online and forget to log in to your online account, as your email address has been provided the purchase will automatically be added to your loyalty spend.
If you make a purchase in store and do not identify yourself as a member before you make a purchase, unfortunately, this purchase cannot be added to your loyalty spend. A purchase cannot be added to your loyalty account retrospectively.

How do I update my personal information?

To update your personal information, simply log in or create an online account at lacoste.co.nz/login.


Where does a gift card spend go?

In the case of gift cards, the value of the card is attributed to the customer who purchases the gift card (customer A), and not to the customer receiving the card and spending it (customer B). In case the receiving customer (B) spends more than the value of the gift card, the additional spent will be attributed to this customer (B).


Does the loyalty program run across Lacoste Australia and Lacoste New Zealand? 

Yes, Le Club Lacoste loyalty program runs across Australia and New Zealand and includes transactions made in stores and websites (lacoste.com.au and lacoste.co.nz) – even if you travel between the two countries. For example, if a customer lives in Australia but travels to New Zealand and wants to make a purchase in the Lacoste Boutique, their spend will still be allocated to their status.

What if I no longer wish to receive communications?

If you no longer want to receive communication from Lacoste we won’t be able to send you any Le Club rewards or offers that you may be eligible for.
You can update your subscription status by logging in to your online account or by unsubscribing directly from one of our Lacoste emails.